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My path from depression to well-being

Sam Jotham Sutharson from Burst

The moment I realized the severity of it all, I was sixteen years old. One night I had stripped down to take a shower, and before stepping in, I saw a profile of my body; I had always been a thin kid, but horror and shame crossed me when I…

America has failed the land it built itself upon

Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park


Yes, the title may sound dramatic, but many of the nation’s most famous parks have become overcrowded and hindered of their natural beauties. In 1916, the National Park Service (NPS) was created with the goals of preserving nature in the midst of an industrializing America and providing a place for…

How Scott Joplin, ‘The King of Ragtime’, saw his life fall apart

Artwork of Joplin playing a rag (Studio Cline)

Born in 1868 to a formerly enslaved father from North Carolina and a freeborn woman from Kentucky, Scott Joplin of Texas was bound to bear a life of immense struggle.

Due to his father’s knowledge of violin that he was trained in for planation parties and his mother’s singing and…

Simon Hoffman

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